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Physicians Circle of Friends

Physicians' Circle

The mission of the Foundation san d of physicians is closely alighed, as both strive to improve the healthcare os the community. They Physicians? Circle represents those doctors who have made a financial commitment to suppor the work of the Foundations. We offer our heartfelt thanks for their contributions in 2019.

Cornfeld and Hurowitz Family
Brandon Davis, MD
Joe DiMaggio Children's Hosptial Medical Staff
Drs. Esther and Frederick Keroff
Holly Neville, MD
Pathology Consultants of South Broward
Pediatric Critical Care of South Florida

American College of Surgeons
Dr. Gary and Barbara Birken
Dr. and Mrs. Adam Blomberg
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Chan, MD
Christopher R. DeMassi, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Drozdow
Francesca Cassel Forrestal, MD
Memorial Regional Hospital Medical Staff
The Scholl Family

Dr. Jason and Mandee Adler and Family
Dr. and Mrs. M. Richard Auerbach
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Berlin
Saima Chaudhry, MD, MSHS
Dr. amd Mrs. Kak - Chen Chan
Dr. John Cogan and Susan Cogan
Dr. Kathleen Davenport and Mr. Andrew Cobble
Grisel Fernandez Bravo
Ronald A Ford, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Freling
Hussein Family
Beth-Ann and Peter Krimsky
In memory of Mariel Hayes-Macaluso
Dr. Stanley and Patricia Marks
Memorial Hospital Miramar Medical Staff
Dr. Luis Raez and Dr. Aida Chaparro
Ana M. Rodriguez, Pharm.D.
Mr. John Binsfeld and Dr. Jill Whitehouse
Greg Zorman, MD

Juan Arenas, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Benke
Drs. Steve and Jennifer Bibevski
Dr. and Mrs. Eddy H. Carillo
The Center for Gynecologic Oncology
Michael and Betty Cortelli
Drs. Howard and Tamar Levene
Ralph and Debi Levy
Rosha McCoy, M.D. and Ron McCoy
Dr. and Mrs. Sean O'Donnell
Sareli Family
Kelly and Dexter Sereda

Manuela C. Almaguer, MD
Dr. Todra Anderson-Rhodes, CMO, MHM
Dr. Richard and Janice Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Pedro F. Bermann
Dr. Bryan Berry
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Cauff
Anika Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Brett Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Murray N. Cohen
Dr. Dafney Davare
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Diamond
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dorfman
Drs. Jennifer and Kissinger Goldman
Sarah Hart-Unger
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Herold
Dr. Dean A. Hertzler and Ms. Senait Araia
Alan Holz and Jose Stone and Family
Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Jacobs
Dr. Donald Kim and Mrs. Victoria Kim
Seong K. Lee
Robert H. Maliner, MD
Dr. Diana Martinez and Family
Dr. and Mrs. Juan C. Martinez
Dr. and Mrs. Neal P. McNerney
Memorial Hospital Pembroke Medical Staff
Charles A. Messa III, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Aron Neuhaus
Dr. and Mrs. Alan K. Novick
Dr. and Mrs. Marshall D. Ohring
Raymundo and Paolo Pastor
Paul Pavilack, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Pearl
The Rosenthal Family
Dr. Joel And Adele Sandberg
Anne M. Schaefer, MD
Dr. Marc Shapiro
Dr. Bernard Shuster
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin K. Smith
Mr. and Dr. Hannah Thompson
Tammy Tucker and Tim Curtin
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Weil
Ming and Sufen Young