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Dream Builders Society

The Dream Builders Society acknowledges donors who have made arrangements in their estate and financial plans to benefit Memorial Foundation and/or Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation. Through thoughtful planning, these donors help to ensure the ongoing success of Memorial Healthcare System in advancing world class healthcare for the children and families in our communities by leaving a healthy legacy.

The Dream Builder Society donors whose names appear here have granted their permission for publication of their names. The Foundations are grateful for their support and dedication.

Necemia Alyari

Thomas E. and Elaine S. Andersen

John Angiulli and Family

Joseph F. Anselmin

David and Beth Baer

Larry and Constance Barb

Mimi Bauer

Dorothy S. Barnett Trust

Marie E. Barr

Walter S. Barton

Robert L. Berger, MD

George L. Bethencourt

Cathy and Kenneth Bierman

Maxine C. Black

Rita and Phil Blank

Daniel E. Blanton

Jules and Martha Brecher Family

Estate of Selma Brenner

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Brizel

Steven E. and Colleen Brooks

Walter K. Brown

Sidney J. and Estelle Brozen

Roy T. and Angeline Bruno

Norma Burmaster

Albert and Irene Cahill

Guy and Laura Canuel

Ruth Casden

Esther Chassen

Donna L. Check

Joe Cimino

Carmen R. Connell

Linda Cooke

Estate of Elinore Cullen

James A. and Jan R. Cummings

Frank Cuomo

Vincent Dellorto and Mildred Dellorto

Domenica (Sundaye) and Louis DeLuca

Evan J. Dias

Philip T. and Muriel F. Dimmitt

Malcolm Eiselman, M.D.

Charles and Lillian Epstein

Ruth Etchells and Amy Cangero

Carl and Deborah Figini

Manuel and Muriel Finger

Dorothy Conte Finnegan

Marie B. Fisher Trust

Irving Fishman

Betty J. Flayler

Ronald and Florence Forfar

Jack and Faye Friedland

Emmy and Henry Gebhardt

Lydia Ghigliotti

O. Anthony Giannico and Hazel


Ronnie and Carmine Giordano

Sylivia M. Goffman and

Lt. Solomon Goffman

Lee Goldberg

Albert Goldstein

Mark and Ana Maria Gordon

Ana Maria Salaya-Gordon

Gerard F. Gorman

Howard Greenfield Charitable


Florence M. Groover

Sandra Gulden and

Leon J. Goldberger Gulden

Eleanor Oseroff Gutter

Ralph Herr

Helen H. Hill

Ernest and Lee Hochwald

Ray Imperial

Ms. Grace James

Beth and Kevin Janser

Mona Johnston

Irene M. Kessel

Edna Lecks

Ruth Levy

Henry Linker

Louise Lipinsky in Honor of

Michael Godlewicz

Elizabeth Longo

Henry A. Longo

Elsie Luhan Foundation

Joseph A. Luhan, MD

Eugene and Peggy Lutke

Leatrice Maccioni

Carlos Enrique Machado

Loraine Barnes MacIntyre

Margot Madans

Michael Magliaro

Paul Allen Malek, MD and Marco


Michael A. Manion

Celestina Marie Mannino

Deanna Mannix Mitzenmacher

Bertram H. and Susanne Mock

Constance Morgan

Frank Muscarella

John Nigro Trust

Louis J. Novak, MD

Lewis L. and Virgina B. Ogilvie

Yolanda and Natale Palazzolo

Ruth Palmquist

Josephine E. Pater

John D. Pellegrino

Joseph Pellegrino

Edith S. Perez

Henry D. Perry, Jr., M.D.

Julia Petersell

Dan and Reba Pollin in

Memory of Dr. Gerald Pollin

Pasquale (Pat) and Rose Procacci

In Honor of Robert D. Reisman

(on behalf of Fred A. Reisman)

Gerald and Barbara Reiss

Paul and Ronnie Roberts

Thomas A. Rodenberg, MD

Linda A. Rogers

Zigmont "Ziggy" Rosinsky

Lenore G. Rothman

Leah Ruderfer

Paul J. Ryan

Frank V. Sacco

Beatrice and William Sahm

Ernest G. Sayfie

Sylvia C. and I. Robert Schlanger

J. M. Schlanger

John J. Schlemmer

Maria Seco

Bess and Max Sepler

Elizabeth Breitler Shay

Armida T. Signorile

Pauline G. Snyder

Gussie A. Soloff

Ann E. Sommer

Ignazio Spallina

Robert Spina

Irene Renee Staskin

Agatha R. Stefanchik

Lee Stern

Sally and Bob Stowers

Jack Stromfeld

Edward John Tabone

Barbara and Benjamin Tobias

David Eli Trumbower

Ronald H. and Verne D. Uvezian

E. J. and M. H. Vitale

Elsie M. Wear

Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Weaver

Ruth and Sidney Wein

Herbert and Selma Weisz

Lila G. Whipland

Helene and Stephen Wiecholz

Marian M. Wiggins

Alice R. Wiler

Fern Winters

Gladys W. Wohl and

Harvey Robbins

Sara E. Wolfer

Rafael Zeron in Memory of

Manuela Zeron

Betty Zook

84 donors wish to remain anonymous

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